The Latest Backstage WWE Chatter On Vince McMahon

It wasn't that long ago when one couldn't possibly fathom the WWE Universe without Vince McMahon at the head of it. Following McMahon's retirement in July though, it has now become the norm though as the new regime of Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Triple H steer the company moving forward. But does Vince McMahon still keep track of WWE and what goes on with the company since his exit, and what is the notorious workaholic doing with all his free time?


Fightful Select reports that those working in WWE at the moment by and large haven't heard a whole lot from the former WWE Chairman. But that may also be because McMahon has been keeping himself busy, getting out and about pretty recently. Given the lack of company he has to run, it makes some sense that McMahon would have a bit more time for recreation and leisure these days.

Indeed, McMahon has been spotted a few times in the wild since his departure, first when he was spotted celebrating his 77th birthday in August, alongside some WWE-affiliated guests like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and WWE commentator-occasional wrestler-former NFL punter Pat McAfee. Earlier this month, a photograph of McMahon having dinner with an unknown woman also surfaced on social media.


For those with short memories, McMahon was forced to retire following several controversies, chief among them an investigation into payments McMahon had made over the years to cover up various affairs and potential scandals. WWE would announce at their Q3 Conference Call that the investigation into the matter had been completed.