Update On Hijo Del Vikingo's US Debut

With his official debut in the US out of the way following his appearance on AAA's Tempe, Arizona event nearly two weeks ago, Hijo del Vikingo is poised to begin his official tour of the US indies, starting with GCW and DEFY Wrestling this upcoming weekend. But for those looking to see Vikingo strut his stuff in the states, it appears one will have to buy a ticket to do so, as streaming won't be an option.


Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, GCW took to Twitter to finally announce Vikingo's opponent for his appearance at GCW Americaz Most Wanted this Friday. In doing so, however, they also revealed some important information regarding his match.

"Just Signed: VIKINGO vs BLAKE CHRISTIAN," GCW tweeted. "Please Note; per AAA Guidelines, Vikingo's match will not be streamed. This policy will cover *ALL* of Vikingo's independent bookings and is in effect until further notice."

While no announcement has been made by other promotions that have booked Vikingo, one can safely assume that his upcoming matches for promotions in DEFY and Warrior Wrestling will also be unavailable to stream. Vikingo will be competing in DEFY one day after his GCW appearance this weekend, taking on future AEW star Nick Wayne. It's unclear if Vikingo's participation in PWG's Battle of Los Angeles in January will also not be taped.


As such, this means Vikingo's next streaming appearance will occur for AAA on December 28 in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. He will be defending the AAA Mega Championship for the 7th time during his reign, taking on AEW star Bandido.