Booker T Gives Props To MJF For Recent Crossover Stunt

When the year hasn't revolved around Sasha Banks, Vince McMahon, and CM Punk, 2022 has been all about AEW's MJF. Whether it be because he missed a meet and great, cut a scorched earth promo, got cast in the upcoming Von Erich movie, or won the AEW World Championship, MJF has been everywhere. He continued that trend this weekend, appearing at UFC 282 to jeer UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett.

One man who is a fan of MJF's current actions, both on and off screen, is Booker T. On the latest episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker revealed why he thinks what MJF is doing right now is working.

"People are talking about it, he's in the news," Booker said. "That's something that a lot of these young guys wish that could be happening right now [for them], is people talking about them. It was a great move. I don't know if he knows Paddy, but to be walking in those circles, being at the UFC, and making the headlines, trending? The kid's on the right path."

Booker also delved into a recent list MJF posted, featuring AEW stars that MJF claimed wouldn't be able to beat him. While he doesn't know how he'd react if he found himself on a similar list, Booker has no problem with MJF putting it together.

"Being able to use social media that way, I can't hate on it, because I'm not from this era. I don't know how I would take it. But MJF definitely put everybody on notice. Everybody is on his radar, as far as being the second best to him. So I get it."

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