NXT Announcer Comments On WWE Firing Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is the talk of WWE at the moment — though unfortunately, not for the best of reasons. On Tuesday night, her 413-day reign as "NXT" Women's Champion came to an abrupt end, and before she even had a moment to catch her breath, WWE released her the following morning due to the content being posted on her FanTime page. And while Rose appears to be taking this all in stride, there are plenty of opinions floating around, and two-time WWE Hall of Famer and current "NXT" announcer Booker T shared his on the "Hall of Fame" podcast.

"I think it's a bad situation," Booker said. "You put yourself in a situation, something is going to happen." That situation, of course, was Rose making money via a subscription-based website — a website that she was not at all secretive about. Booker praised Rose from the beginning of her WWE journey in 2016, noting her hard work as "NXT" Women's Champion and going so far as to proclaim her run as one of the most memorable female runs "in decades," but he believes her focus should've remained on WWE.

"She put herself in a great position to be looked at as a major superstar like Trish Stratus," he said. "I hate it because that money was going to always be there for Mandy Rose. It was like money in the bank ... I would hate to see her throw something like that away and fall into a world that is very, very dangerous to fall into."

Booker also had an interesting comparison to make when it comes to Rose potentially landing elsewhere.

"I was one of the first ones that said AEW took Jeff Hardy immediately after he was having problems, they wanted to look past that," he said. "This right here is a problem. I don't think someone should just jump in and think, 'Let's make some money off of Mandy Rose.'"