Speaking Out Offender And Former WWE 205 Live Star Knocked Out In Pro MMA Debut

While the Speaking Out movement of 2020 successfully removed several wrestlers from high-profile positions in notable promotions, several talents that were accused, including Marty Scurll and Travis Banks, have continued to find work in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe, and so on. Meanwhile, others, like former WWE star Jack Gallagher, have looked to other avenues, such as MMA and Bare Knuckle Fighting, to stay in the limelight.

That doesn't appear to be going exactly to plan for Gallagher at the moment, however. While he went 2-0 in two amateur fights, his first professional MMA bout ended in short fashion this weekend when he was defeated by Marlon Jones at FCC (Full Contact Contender) 32. A video posted by FCC showed that Gallagher made it only a few moments into the fight before Jones rocked him with several strikes, sending the former 205 Live star down for a TKO.

"Very disappointed in myself and my performance," Gallagher later posted on Instagram. "Happy the night ended with a win for @blackiechan_soda, who's worked exceptionally hard for it. Thank you to everyone that's reached out. Messages of support are always welcomed and appreciated. One win and one loss in 2022; life is all about balance. Bring on 2023!"

Gallagher worked for WWE from 2016 to 2020, mainly on the NXT and 205 Live brands, before being released in June 2020 after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a New Year's Eve party in 2014. In a statement released several months later, Gallagher admitted he had behaved inappropriately, though he also claimed to not recall the incident, and offered an apology.