AEW Star Says He Hopes To Work With Cody Rhodes Again 'Very, Very Soon'

As one of the founding Executive Vice Presidents of All Elite Wrestling, it was a surprise for many fans when Cody Rhodes left the company and made a return to WWE earlier this year. Appearing on the latest episode of the "Gentleman Villain" podcast, AEW star Dax Harwood acknowledged he wasn't always the biggest fan of Rhodes, but shared that the two eventually became very close while working together.

"Before I came to AEW, I had a big issue with Cody, which I've talked to him about," Harwood said. The current IWGP World Tag Team Champion took exception with the fact that Rhodes said the Young Bucks were a better tag team than FTR, stating that FTR had to practice their matches — something Harwood says is not true in the slightest.

"I got over it," Harwood continued. "He and I are very good friends now. We talk all the time now. I think that he is a visionary. I think that he is too smart for his own good, and I hope to be able to work with him very, very soon, because I think I could tear it up with him."

Rhodes has been out of action since WWE's Hell in a Cell premium live event in June. That night, Rhodes went into his match against Seth Rollins already dealing with a torn pectoral muscle. The WWE star is now apparently quite far along in the recovery process, leading many to believe he could make a return at the impending Royal Rumble next month.

Harwood and his FTR partner Cash Wheeler are both still signed to AEW. However, the newly-announced podcast host recently shared that he's under the impression their contracts come to a close at the end of April 2023, freeing them up to make a return to WWE if they desire.