Cain Velasquez Says UFC Legend Is Open To Match In AAA

Lucha Libre AAA already has one famous MMA fighter under their umbrella, with the controversial Cain Velasquez having recently returned to the promotion for their show in Tempe, Arizona earlier in the month. And according to Velasquez himself, another former UFC Heavyweight Champion, and a man wrestling fans are familiar with, may have an interest in trying out Lucha libre as well.


On the latest episode of Keepin It 100 with Konnan, Velasquez spilled the beans on this fighter, who expressed interest while visiting Velasquez recently.

"Daniel Cormier was actually at my house yesterday, him and Luke Rockhold came over," Velasquez said. "DC talked about doing a match as well, doing something with me, him, AAA."

Unless he was playing it close to the vest, this appeared to be the first time Konnan, the head booker of AAA, had heard such an idea. To the shock of no one, he was quite receptive to the possibility.

"We'd love to do something with you and DC," Konnan said. "That would be great."

Cormier is no stranger to the big stage or the squared circle. The 43-year-old former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion recently appeared in WWE back in the fall, serving as special guest referee for the Fight Pit match between Seth "Freakin" Rollins and Matt Riddle at WWE Extreme Rules. Cormier ultimately called the bout down the middle, with Riddle ultimately emerging victorious. In the past, Cormier has expressed interest in perhaps wrestling a match, particularly for WWE. While he was open to doing more work for WWE after the Fight Pit match, Cormier stated shortly before it that it was a one-time deal.


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