Cain Velasquez Opens Up About Battles With Brock Lesnar

Before his arrest, before being released on bail, and before returning to AAA for the second time in a year, Cain Velasquez had a quick pit stop in WWE back in 2019, where he wrestled former UFC rival, Brock Lesnar. Velasquez had defeated Lesnar years earlier to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and Lesnar would get his revenge in WWE, defeating Velasquez at WWE Crown Jewel.


In an appearance on Keepin it 100 with Konnan, Velasquez talked about their rematch in WWE. And while he played it coy, Velasquez's comments on working with Lesnar came off as very telling.

"Working with Brock was interesting," Velasquez said. "That's all I'm going to say. It was very different. You kind of just learn from your life, you know? 'Okay, this is what this was.' I know for next time if something else ever happens for next time. With Brock, that kind of what it was. The best thing about what I do now with wrestling is I can bring my family in, and they're true fans of it."

Velasquez also talked about his real-life fight with Lesnar, particularly the differences in how he approached to the fight to how Lesnar did. That difference, Velasquez believes, helped contribute to his victory.


"He's very good at selling the fight," Velasquez said. "He brought a little bit of the WWE into it, which is what you kind of have to do. You have to bring in a little bit of the trash talking. But I've always been the guy like 'There's no point of talking trash. I'm going to show you.' I knew what he had, what he brought to the table, and where I was confident. I just knew I was going to win that fight."

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