Will Ospreay Explains Why His Path To Success Is More Difficult Than Kenny Omega's

Only five days remain until NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 17, the first major show to kick off 2023. And while some aspects have yet to be set in stone, including the potential appearance of Sasha Banks, the biggest match announced, arguably, is AEW's Kenny Omega challenging Will Ospreay for the IWGP United States Championship. The rivalry between Ospreay and Omega, while having in-ring moments, is one that's largely been built through social media, where the two have gone back and forth about who is the best in the world. Ospreay was asked about the exchanges during an interview with Fightful, and he was candid in his thoughts as to why he's the better man.

"For me, being the best in the world is consistently putting yourself in different situations, and different opponents that aren't just located in one promotion," Ospreay said. "I like to test myself against all the AEW guys. I think I've wrestled there eight times, and I've stole the show from all of them, which says everything. Then you go to New Japan, and I always steal the show there. Any of, what he says, 'no name indie guys', I test myself against those guys and they automatically become better." To be fair, Omega does sometimes wrestle outside AEW, making multiple appearances for AAA and Impact Wrestling in 2021. Still, Ospreay does indeed work in more places.

"My whole thing is, to be the best in the world, you have to travel to each continent and prove it. It's easy to do it on the bright lights, in the big arenas, but I think really, consistently putting in those five-star matches ... and always be out to shine and be able to say you're the best in the world by consistently doing that, I think that's the harder job. And Kenny's never done that."

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