Hangman Adam Page Set For First AEW Match In Over Two Months

Former AEW World Champion "Hangman" Adam Page will return to the ring next week for the first time since suffering a concussion on October 18

In a face-to-face promo segment with Jon Moxley on the 1/4 "AEW Dynamite," Page confirmed he's been cleared by doctors to return to in-ring action at next week's show in Los Angeles, California. Page would also highlight the fact that he suffered the concussion in an AEW World Championship match against Moxley in the latter's hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.


"You think I'm mad at you because you knocked me out?" Page asked Moxley. "I wish this wasn't true but I've been knocked out more times than I can count — I've been knocked out by enemies, strangers, and even my best friends. It's an unfortunate part of what we do, and I could never be mad at you for that. 

"You don't seem like a guy for nuance, so I'll put it you this way...what I'm angry about is you calling me out and not even allowing me to get a word in. Instead, you made a joke [about my concussion]. You nearly took my career from me and you wanted to crack a joke about it? I think I know why, Mox. It's because you felt threatened in that moment."

Page ended the promo by noting how he's had "one month to stew" on Moxley's wisecrack about his concussion, and "another two months to stew" on the lariat that knocked him out cold.


In response, Moxley seemingly vowed to knock out Page once again.

"The only joke around here is you thinking next time is going to be any different!" Moxley stressed. "Your little punk ass doesn't belong in the ring with me, and next week, I'm gonna make sure this time you don't get back up."

Besides the Moxley vs. Page grudge match, other matches confirmed for next week's "AEW Dynamite" include Saraya & a mystery partner vs. AEW Women's Word Champion Jamie Hayter & Dr. Britt Baker and the concluding Match 7 of the seven-match series between The Elite and Death Triangle.