Vince McMahon Reportedly Chastising Various WWE Departments

As one of the craziest weeks in WWE history winds down, and WWE comes off a talent meeting regarding all that occurred, many people in and out of the company are still searching for answers. That's understandable, given that the whole landscape of WWE has changed, between Vince McMahon's regaining power, Stephanie McMahon's shocking resignation, and the rumors that a sale of the company could be imminent.

There's also the potential ramifications of what could occur should Vince, who thus far has only returned in the capacity of Executive Chairman of the Board, decide to go one step further, and resume his previous duties as head of creative and WWE CEO. While that hasn't happened yet, Fightful is reporting that rumors have already sprouted up within WWE that McMahon has been sending word to various departments within the company, explaining that they were "doing things wrong."

This would undoubtedly be cause for concern for many in WWE, who are reportedly nervous about Vince's return. That was hammered home again, with sources describing how things were far more positive under the leadership of Stephanie and Nick Khan as Co-CEO's, as well as Triple H as Chief Content Officer, than they were compared to McMahon's leadership, with some going as far to describe it as "night and day." It was also noted that, despite previous reports suggesting they opposed the sale of WWE, both Stephanie and Triple H "were willing to work towards progressing a sale." Sources at two prominent companies, who could potentially be suitors if WWE is sold, also stated that there would likely be roles for both Triple H and Stephanie after the transaction happened, provided they were interested in continuing, or in Stephanie's case, returning to the company.