Vince McMahon Reportedly Returns To WWE Office And Is Making Suggestions

Nothing is certain in professional wrestling. From unexpected returns to last-minute rewrites, plans can change at any moment. WWE fans have especially felt this for years with Vince McMahon at the helm, who nearly two weeks ago returned to the Board of Directors and only days later, was elected as Executive Chairman of the Board. In the short time since his return, multiple talent meetings have been held by WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque, stressing that he's still CCO and firmly in control of their creative direction. But that doesn't mean Mr. McMahon is staying quiet. In a report from Ringside News that was later confirmed by WON's Dave Meltzer, the Chairman of the Board has been around.

Initially, it was said that McMahon hadn't returned to the office at all, but that has not been the case. Not only that but he's reportedly been unhappy with certain departments since his return. However, in the first talent meeting held last Friday before "WWE SmackDown" Levesque assured everyone that he was still the decision-maker in terms of creative. That said, he did mention a scenario in which McMahon could suggest changes, or that folks he talks to about creative direction could suggest changes, but at the end of the day the final call is Levesque's to make.

In the meantime, uncertainty surrounding a potential sale remains, and so do worries among current talent. Just days after their last meeting, Levesque held another talent meeting ahead of "WWE Raw" to reiterate everything he said last Friday. Unless things settle down, it doesn't seem as though those current concerns will dissipate overnight.