Another Talent Meeting Held To Address WWE Rumors

Vince McMahon is back, folks, and his return has sent shockwaves throughout WWE and the rest of the professional wrestling industry. From a potential sale to the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund to Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque holding a talent meeting prior to last Friday's "SmackDown," uncertainty seems to be around every corner at the moment.


So much so, in fact, that Fightful is reporting Levesque held another talent meeting this afternoon ahead of tonight's "Raw." Alongside him for this meeting was Kevin Dunn, Executive Producer of WWE programming, and WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Dan Ventrelle. Many of the beats from last Friday's meeting were hit this time, such as Levesque remaining CCO and "firmly in control of creative" while also stressing "talent relations are not changing."

Talent relations have arguably been the biggest point of worry backstage, with Ronda Rousey recently claiming the company was "in flux." Former WWE writer and producer Freddie Prinze Jr. worried aloud for those talents who were rehired under Levesque, as well as their current storylines. Since McMahon's initial departure last summer, WWE has seen many stars return under the new regime.


The meeting was also said to have brought up the news that broke last week alleging that WWE had been sold to Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, "debunking last week's Saudi Arabia sale story." Tonight, "Raw" takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio, and will continue to build toward the Royal Rumble event in two weeks and the "Raw is XXX" celebration of the program's 30th anniversary on television.