Backstage News On Vince McMahon's Talks With The Saudis

It hasn't even been a week since Vince McMahon re-entered the wrestling world, and this wild ride shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Things reached a fever pitch last night as Stephanie McMahon resigned as co-CEO with Vince McMahon once again assuming the position of Executive Chairman of the Board. Additionally, everyone went into a frenzy upon rumors spreading like wildfire that WWE had been sold to Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. Such rumors have since proven to be untrue, although Fightful Select reports that the returning Chairman did have "conversations along the way" with the Saudis — whatever that means. 


McMahon's return has brought with it a lot of uncertainty and concern, particularly backstage where talent has a lot of questions about what's next. Many fear that a sale could lead to McMahon's return to the creative side of WWE, which could come as a condition to whichever party winds up acquiring the company. If it were the Saudis, the prevailing belief is that they'd accept such terms. 

In addition, talent who have returned in recent months upon Paul "Triple H" Levesque taking the creative reigns as well as others with prominent spots in WWE's hierarchy have expressed a desire to walk out if a deal to sell to Saudi Arabia's PIF became a reality. Furthermore, WWE Superstars seem as in the dark about what's going on with their workplace as everyone else; some have resorted to checking in daily with outlets like Fightful for any updates on McMahon's latest moves.