WWE Executive Leaves Door Open For CM Punk Return

As CM Punk's life in All Elite Wrestling appeared to be nearing an end with rumors of a potential contract buy-out that would have set him free, speculation towards a WWE return began to brew, and according to one company executive, it could be a real possibility. 


Brian "Road Dogg" James — WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events — recently revealed that, in his books, the door for Punk's potential comeback is definitely ajar. "Never say never with these guys," he said in an "Oh...You Didn't Know" live exclusive. "They will give you a second chance. [WWE] will give you an opportunity if it's business savvy, and bringing him back might be. The reason it might be is because he's a needle mover."

Despite Punk's rather unceremonious departure from WWE in 2014, James acknowledged that "The Best in the World" is "still a draw" — regardless of whether or not he likes him. "He's got another run in him because he's what we call in the industry a 'needle mover,'" he reiterated. Former WWE referee Mike Chioda previously expressed similar feelings, noting a likely boost in WWE's ratings should Punk return to the company at some point.


Any potential return to WWE remains on hold for Punk though, as AEW President Tony Khan has reportedly put him "on ice," rendering the former AEW World Champion in a state of limbo after everything that went down following All Out in September. Khan himself has claimed to be unable to provide any comments or updates on Punk. However, he did recently recognize the 44-year-old as "one of the great stars of AEW," describing his contributions to the company as "great" as well.