Tony Khan Is Asked About CM Punk's AEW & Fight Forever Cover Status

It's been four months now since AEW All Out, and everyone is still wondering what is going on between CM Punk and AEW. It wasn't that long ago that it seemed Punk would never return following the post-All Out incident, with reports even suggesting that Punk, who is currently rehabbing an injury, could be bought out by the promotion. There's been no word on a buyout since, however, and Punk himself has sent out mixed signals suggesting he could be returning, or may never be seen in AEW again.

One thing that seems clear now, however, is that Punk won't be on the cover of "AEW: Fight Forever," as he had previously been before being removed from a newer version. In an interview with DAZN, AEW CEO Tony Khan seemed to confirm Punk's status on the cover of the game, all while giving his traditional nonanswer regarding Punk.

"I'm sorry, I can't comment on that," Khan said. "I appreciate you asking about the video game. I'm very excited about it. It's a huge project for AEW, and we're very excited. The release is coming, it's imminent, and when it will be released, I really think fans around the world are going to have a great experience. And hopefully, it'll make some new wrestling fans and some new AEW fans, which would be great for everybody who works here. That's something we're excited about."

Khan was also asked about Punk's overall status with AEW. And, at least from Khan's end, that's the answer he is not yet ready to give just yet.

"I can't comment on that, but I appreciate you asking about it," Khan said.

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