Kofi Kingston Reveals When Big E's Next Neck Scan Is

Since suffering a broken neck during a "WWE SmackDown" match last March, the status of Big E's in-ring career has been in question. Appearing on "Cheap Heat," Big E's longtime New Day partner Kofi Kingston shared an update on his friend's recovery process, including when Big E will have his neck looked at once again.


"He's doing awesome," Kingston said. "For someone who literally broke their neck, it's amazing to see the level of recovery, man. Even from that day, he was wanting to make sure that everybody knew that he was okay. ... That's another total different level of caring. I don't think I've ever met anybody with that level of concern for other people, you know what I mean?" Kingston shared that Big E's wound has healed, but the fractures are not generating new bone, which is something necessary to regain full strength in his neck. Doctors will be performing a new scan on Big E in March to see how far along the process is.

In the aftermath of his injury, Big E has spent time working with WWE's "Next in Line" program, helping college athletes try out and prepare for a WWE career. As a former collegiate athlete himself, as well as a highly successful professional wrestler, Big E has the unique ability to share insight on the process with these young prospects. As for the question of whether or not Big E will step back into the ring in the future, it sounds as though it will be several months yet before an update on that front. Until then, fans can catch his partners, Kingston and Xavier Woods, competing on "WWE NXT," where they are currently the "NXT" Tag Team Champions.


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