Exchange Between Konnan And Miro Heats Up On Twitter

With the AAA and AEW relationship going through a bit of a rough patch right now, AAA booker Konnan has seemingly come up with a strategy to mend fences: go to "AEW Dark" tapings to speak to AEW management, and criticize Konosuke Takeshita for doing an Eddie Guerrero tribute on "AEW Dynamite" last week. The latter didn't go over well, leading to many being critical of Konnan, including Takeshita's co-worker, the seldom seen Miro.

While it took a little while, Konnan eventually became aware of Miro's tweet during the evening on Valentine's Day. And as one would expect, he had a response for "The Redeemer," repeating his earlier stance that his criticism of Takeshita was actually made in jest.

"It was a joke, cant believe u got worked," Konnan tweeted. "Like I'm actually going to be mad, its sarcasm..listen to the show instead of being an echo chamber...#Rube."

After sleeping on it, Miro responded to Konnan early on Wednesday morning. And while he didn't say one way or another whether he believed Konnan's explanation, Miro made sure the lucha libre legend knew one thing about Miro's previous comments.

"I wasn't joking," Miro tweeted.

As of this writing, Konnan has yet to offer a response back to Miro, though it would not be shocking if the situation were ultimately addressed in one of the many upcoming episodes of the former's podcast, "Keepin' it 100 with Konnan."