AEW World Champion MJF Calls Alberto Del Rio 'An Abuser' And 'An Over Rated Wrestler'

There are times when it appears there is no line AEW World Champion MJF isn't willing to cross, no taboo he isn't willing to break. As it turns out however, there is one thing MJF wants absolutely nothing to do with: being compared to AAA luchador Alberto El Patron (formerly known as Alberto Del Rio in WWE). And yet, that's exactly what happened on Tuesday, when a fan on Twitter seemed to suggest that MJF and El Patron were the same type of wrestler. After a fan responded negatively to the comparison, MJF responded as well, and did not mince his feelings regarding El Patron.

"Except I'm not a racist," MJF tweeted. "An abuser. A bad promo. A poser. A b***h. And a drug addict. And an over rated wrestler."

While it is unclear what MJF meant by referring to El Patron as a racist, the abuser and drug addiction accusations are nothing new for the former WWE star. El Patron has been accused of domestic violence in the past, including against MJF's current co-worker, Saraya, and was even brought to charges on sexual assault, though the charges were ultimately dropped. El Patron also has been accused of using cocaine, and once was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy during his second stint with the promotion.

Despite El Patron's past transgressions, it didn't stop AAA, where El Patron initially worked from 2014-2015, from bringing the 45-year-old luchador back for both the Lucha Libre World Cup and TripleMania XXXI: Monterrey, where he will team with another of MJF's co-workes, Penta El Zero Miedo. Despite the backlash from the announcement in the US, AAA has shown no signs of removing El Patron, and AAA booker Konnan has defended the promotion's use of him.