Arn Anderson Speaks About The Recent Death Of His Oldest Son Barrett

Wrestling legend Arn Anderson has been through a lot over the years, from the career-ending injury that has left him with lifelong partial paralysis to the recent passing of his elder son Barrett. Appearing on his podcast, "Arn," Anderson opened up about the difficulty of the loss and thanked those who have supported his family over the last several weeks.

"It was [an] earth-shattering event for our family," Anderson said. "No parent ever should have to bury a child, and it doesn't matter what age that child is." Anderson went on to encourage his listeners to let past gripes with co-workers, friends, family, and acquaintances go, as they mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

"To all those people, and I can't tell you how many ... who had so many kind words and so much outpouring of love to our family, which has helped us get through this so far — I would just ask all of those listeners out there to hug your kids, scrap the beefs that don't matter, [and] spend every day like it's your last because it may very well be," Anderson continued.

Anderson is unfortunately far from the only performer in the wrestling industry to lose a child, including the passing of Kevin Nash's son Tristen in 2022 and fellow Four Horsemen member Ric Flair losing his son Reid a number of years ago. Though the two men had been out of touch for some time, the passing of Barrett reportedly led to Flair and Anderson reconnecting as they shared the loss of their sons – a small but valuable silver lining in such a tragic set of circumstances.