Dave Meltzer Claims Vince McMahon Netflix Documentary Is Still Happening

It's quite possible right now that no one is having as good a week as Vince McMahon. Just three months after pulling a power move to return to WWE, the Chairman of the Board helped orchestrate a merger with Endeavor/UFC this weekend that saw him regain total power in WWE, including creative control during last night's episode of "WWE Raw." All in all, everything is coming up well for McMahon, as dissatisfied as many might be with that fact.

But never fear, for more McMahon content is going to be coming out soon. On Twitter, Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer was asked about the long-in-development Netflix documentary about McMahon and whether the news of this sale would affect it being made. And according to Meltzer, nothing has changed.

"Netflix documentary is still on," Meltzer tweeted. "Multi-part. I spent a day filming with them not too long ago."

First announced back in 2020, the McMahon/Netflix project, reported to be a docuseries, initially seemed to be dead in July 2022, after the investigation into McMahon's hush money payments came to light. However, a report in August suggested that the series was still scheduled to air, and The Ringer's Bill Simmons, an executive producer on the project, later confirmed this past January that the series would still air, though he provided no release date.

It should be noted that McMahon's newest contract with WWE gave him the rights to adapt his own story into film, which means this was either grandfathered in or that Vince could still put the kibosh on it. As of now, though, it appears McMahon is more than fine with Netflix continuing production — though as everything with McMahon, things can always change in the future.