Matt Cardona Challenges Nick Gage And Maki Itoh After WrestleMania Weekend Incident

Despite not being booked to appear on GCW Joey Janela's Spring Break 7 last Friday night, former GCW World Champion Matt Cardona alongside Steph De Lander still managed to make their presence felt. Following Maki Death Kill's (Nick Gage and Maki Itoh) match, the self-proclaimed "Deathmatch King" and De Lander hit the ring with steel chairs to attack Gage and Itoh, chastising the crowd as well as labeling the GCW locker room "embarrassing." Thursday morning, Cardona took things one step further, calling out Gage and Itoh.

"BREAKING NEWS! @stephdelander & I are officially challenging @thekingnickgage & @maki_itoh!" Cardona tweeted. "These two death match wannabes need to go! We need to save @GCWrestling_!"

Itoh didn't waste too much time in replying, tweeting out "SHUT THE F*** UP MID CARDONA" less than two hours later.

And while nothing has been made official just yet, it seems as though it's only a matter of time. Thursday afternoon, De Lander took aim at GCW owner Brett Lauderdale over Twitter as well, undoubtedly in an attempt to further the story following their involvement over the weekend. Cardona is no stranger to Gage, of course, as he beat him at GCW: Homecoming in July 2021 to claim his first-ever world championship in any promotion. After a 15-year stint with WWE, Cardona has spent the time since his release from the company racking up title wins across various promotions, including the NWA, Impact Wrestling, Absolute Intense Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, and others. He also briefly spent time with AEW in 2020, but continues to mark his territory on the indies. Cardona holds GCW in very high regard, so it's no wonder he'd want to "save it." Time will tell if he gets that chance.