Mercedes Mone To Defend IWGP Women's Championship Against STARDOM's Mayu Iwatani

Mercedes Mone continues to impress wrestling fans worldwide following her WWE exit and subsequent debut in NJPW earlier this year. While her first NJPW bout, which saw her dethrone KAIRI as the IWGP Women's Champion, took place on American soil, Mone's first non-WWE match in Japan occurred today at NJPW Sakura Genesis. After vanquishing STARDOM stars AZM and Hazuki in a high-speed three-way battle, the former WWE star met her next challenger for her title when Mayu Iwatani entered the ring, stating her intention to battle Mone at STARDOM All Star Grand Queendom on April 23.

The match was later made official by both STARDOM and NJPW, but not before Mone slapped Iwatani in the face, displaying the utmost confidence heading into her next championship match. For those unaware, Iwatani is not only one of the biggest stars in STARDOM's 12-year history, but was also one of the finalists in last year's IWGP Women's Championship tournament. While she ultimately lost at NJPW x STARDOM Historic X-Over to KAIRI, the IWGP Women's Title is the only championship to elude the second-ever STARDOM Grand Slam Winner.

Mone's bout against Iwatani inside Yokohama Arena will be the first STARDOM appearance for "The CEO" to date. While reports say that it is also the last confirmed date for Mone in Japan at this time, there are plenty more potential dream matches for Mone within the company moving forward. Outside of a potential rematch against KAIRI, Mone has listed several STARDOM wrestlers who she would like to face at some point in the future.