Chessman's AAA TripleMania Opponent Fails Wrestling Exam, Accused Of Sexual Assault

It's been a bizarre road to try getting to the match between Chessman and Adrian Marcelo at AAA's TripleMania XXXI this Sunday. Both the luchador and social media influencer got into an altercation feeding into this prospective bout. However, now it appears their match-up is tenuous at best just days out. 

According to luchablog, Marcela has yet to secure his license from Monterrey's lucha libre commission, quitting his licensing exam within the first hour. Without it, he will not be allow to compete, throwing plans for the match into disarray. But that may be the least of Marcelo's problems at this point. 

Last Thursday on social media, a woman accused Marcelo of sexual assault dating back in February 2022. According to her account, Marcelo became aggressive with her after his advances in a car were rejected. He then attempted to force himself on her before she escaped. She included photos of them together, in addition to audio of a shared conversation to serve as proof of their relationship. Marcelo has not outwardly addressed the allegations and, while no charges have been filed, Nuevo Leon prosecutors have announced that they have launched an investigation. 

The influencer is just the latest connection to AAA that has found themselves in legal trouble stemming from serious accusations. El Cuatrero was recently arrested for domestic violence, and Alberto El Patron returned to AAA despite being previously charged with sexual assault; his charges were later dropped.

Marcelo and Multimedios insist that he'll be at TripleMania in some capacity, though what that is at this point is anybody's guess.