Both Konnan And Rey Mysterio Have Told El Hijo Del Vikingo To 'Slow It Down'

It would be redundant to say El Hijo del Vikingo is flying high right now, mainly because that's all he's been doing ever since breaking into Lucha Libre AAA in 2017. But the current AAA Mega Champion is enjoying a moment or two in the sun right now, thanks to his "AEW Dynamite" debut against Kenny Omega, and a slew of WrestleMania weekend performances, including a show-stealing title defense against Komander at ROH Supercard of Honor.


But while Vikingo is still only 25 years old and in theory not even entering his prime yet, some are already concerned about how he'll hold up as time goes on. Chief among those worried is Vikingo's boss, AAA booker Konnan, who revealed on the latest episode of "K100" that Vikingo is already dealing with health issues. Fortunately, Konnan has put him in touch with a WWE Hall-of-Famer, and a luchadore Vikingo is frequently compared to, about how it's okay to slow things down.

"Not only have I told him, I had Rey Mysterio tell him," Konnan said. "He already needs a knee operation, and Rey's had 14, so I told him to talk to Rey. And Rey's giving him very good advice, 'cause I want that guy to last. He's talented, and he's a good kid."


This weekend will serve as a good indication of whether Vikingo is ready to tone things down or keep the pedal to the medal. The AAA Mega Champion will be putting his title on the line in the main event of TripleMania XXXI: Monterrey, taking on Komander, Impact Wrestling's Rich Swann, and AEW's Swerve Strickland in a four-way match.

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