Sami Zayn Still Believes There's Some Good In The Usos Despite Current WWE Feud

Since renouncing the title of "Honorary Uce" back at WWE Royal Rumble in January, Sami Zayn has been embroiled in an all-out war with The Bloodline. Although despite the hard-fought battles he's had with Roman Reigns, Solo Sokoa, and The Usos, he still feels a strong bond towards his former companions, particularly the twins.

While appearing on "WWE's The Bump," the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion shared that he still sees Jimmy and Jey as people he cares about. Under the rule of "The Tribal Chief," the trio formed a kinship over time that connected them. But since Zayn chose to stand up for himself and depart the group, those feelings are considerably more complicated these days.

"It's like any other relationship, whether it's a friendship or a romantic relationship," Zayn said. "There are times when you drift apart, but it's not an on-off switch. You don't suddenly stop caring about that person overnight even if they did you wrong. Which they have. Both Usos have. And Jey has repeatedly. There's always gonna be a part of me that's gonna remember the connection we had as damn near brothers. Seriously, I do on some level still kinda want the best for them. I know that sounds kinda weird after everything we've been through, but I'm not the only one who sees it."

Another Problem To Be Solved

Along with his co-champion Kevin Owens and the recently returned Matt Riddle, who he will join in a six-man tag team match against The Usos and Solo Sikoa at Backlash, Zayn has slowly been chipping away at the armor of "The Head of the Table." Ultimately, his hope is that the faction dissolves when the "giant cracks in The Bloodline turn into holes that have to be addressed," but there's still another obstacle to conquer before that happens.

One of the major forces keeping The Bloodline in its position of power is Sikoa. Jimmy and Jey's younger brother is a former "NXT" North American Champion who uses his unparalleled aggression and power to carry out the plans of Reigns and his special council, Paul Heyman. And even though Zayn had "The Street Champion of the Islands" under his wing briefly, the rising star is still a puzzle to "The Great Liberator."

Breaking Down The Bloodline

"I don't understand the full dynamic between him and The Usos," Zayn said about Sikoa. "He's kinda like the crazy one. But at a certain point, he distanced himself from me and even The Usos to a certain extent. Roman kept him real close to the vest. His job now more than it's ever really been seems to be Roman's enforcer. Even when Roman's not there, he's Roman's eyes and ears on the ground. He's the one who's going to act out Roman's will ... It seems emotionless and detached, but Roman is keeping him close. Real close. And that's not a coincidence."

With this looming threat of "The Problem Solver" hanging over the WWE, no one will be able to overthrow The Bloodline. But if there's anyone that will give everything they've got to make it happen, it'll be Sami Zayn. But if he can't break through to Solo or The Usos somehow and show them what their cousin is really doing, then there are still a number of battles to be fought by "The Underdog From The Underground" before the war is won.

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