WWE HOFer Snoop Dogg Joins Bid To Buy NHL's Ottawa Senators

Following the death of owner Eugene Melnyk last year, the NHL's Ottawa Senators are currently on the market and available to the highest bidder. One of those bidders appears to be 2016 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Snoop Dogg. According to a report from The Athletic, Snoop is teaming up with entrepreneur Neko Sparks and nearly a dozen other investors, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, to put in a large bid for the Senators. Rather than being a silent investor, the hip-hop legend is reportedly very excited about the prospect and has been putting forward ideas on how to run the team should the bid go through.


The expected price for ownership of the team is expected to reach over $1 billion, but the group, led by Sparks, isn't believed to be concerned about the growing cost. If the two parties come to a deal, Snoop is expected to play a key role with the team, possibly even sitting in to provide commentary and analysis for some games.

Snoop's most recent wrestling appearance was at WWE WrestleMania 39 last month. Acting as host of the event alongside The Miz, Snoop ended up improvising and scoring a pin against his co-host when an impromptu match between Miz and a returning Shane McMahon was brought to an early end after McMahon sustained an injury. Snoop's participation in professional wrestling is nothing new. In the past, along with a number of previous WWE cameos, Snoop has made an appearance with AEW – something that reportedly upset WWE – and the rapper's cousin, Mercedes Mone, has teased that Snoop would be present if she accomplishes her goal of performing in the main event at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.