WWE NXT's Sol Ruca Undergoing Surgery Today For Torn ACL

Over the past month, much has been made about a slew of injuries in WWE, particularly in the promotion's "NXT" brand, even as some wrestlers have denied being hurt. One wrestler who hasn't denied being hurt however is arguably the most notable injured star in NXT, rising star Sol Ruca. The ultra-athletic up-and-comer was written off TV last week following a mysterious backstage attack, with reports emerging after that Roca had torn her ACL.


The injury isn't keeping Roca's spirits down, however. Earlier Tuesday morning, Roca posted a video on Instagram of her doing a handstand and backflipping, all while exclaiming "No ACL? No problem" in the aftermath. Despite that, a brief statement from Roca confirmed she would be going under the knife in order to recover.

"Who needs an ACL anyways...jk I do, surgery day baby let's go," Roca said.

At this time, it remains unclear when Ruca suffered the injury, though it should be noted that the 23-year-old hasn't wrestled a match for WWE since an April 14 "NXT" house show in Largo, Florida. While no timetable has been set for Ruca's return, recovery time from a torn ACL generally takes between 6 to 9 months, meaning it may be a while before fans see Ruca in a ring again.


Ultimately, the injury should only serve as a brief roadblock for Ruca, who has quickly captured the attention of fans, co-workers, and even WWE higher-ups, despite only joining WWE one year ago. In particular, Roca's finish, a second rope backflip into a cutter, has garnered a ton of praise, and has served as a strong sign regarding Roca's potential.