Tony Khan On AEW's Growth Ahead Of Wembley Stadium Show

As All Elite Wrestling closes in on a huge event at Wembley Stadium, AEW President Tony Khan took a moment to reflect on the company's growth since its launch in 2019.

Speaking on the "The Maggie & Perloff Show," Khan recalled the humble offer he received from the President of TBS and TNT to get the AEW product up and running. "This thing started when I was at a party in Beverly Hills, and I was visiting a friend who happened to be the President of TBS and TNT at the time. Essentially, he gave me a start-up deal and it didn't pay great, but he gave us a chance to get our foot in the door and start what had become the true challenger brand in professional wrestling worldwide," Khan said.


Four years later, AEW is expecting All In to be their biggest show to date. With over 60,000 tickets sold so far, Khan says they have generated a gate of more than $8 million. All In, of course, will take place late this summer as AEW heads to London, England for their first show across the pond. All In will also be the first of three big events within the span of one month, as AEW presents All Out the week after, followed by "Grand Slam" shortly after that.

As AEW gears up for a historic event, Khan mentioned that he has more exciting news to share later this week on TBS. While not fully confirmed, the belief is that Khan's announcement may address the ongoing rumors that the company is adding a third television show, titled "Collision," to its weekly programming.