Road Dogg Comments On Helping Create InDex Storyline In WWE NXT

Shortly after returning to WWE last August, Dexter Lumis returned to "NXT" to briefly reunite with his on-screen "wife," Indi Hartwell. And just like that, "InDex" was back. As it happens, WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events Brian "Road Dogg" James had a hand in creating storylines for the duo. During a Q&A portion of his "Oh...You Didn't Know" podcast, he detailed his involvement with the InDex angles.

"I do believe it was fun," James said. "And I remember the funnest parts of that were rehearsing what we were gonna do that night on TV, and literally creating it."

Earlier this month, almost the entire "NXT" family was made whole again when "The Way" reunited on screen, as Hartwell was called up from developmental and officially drafted to "Raw" alongside Lumis, Johnny Gargano, and Candice LeRae. But when discussing the early "InDex" days, James credited Hartwell the most for how those segments came off, even though he was heavily involved in the process.

"My fingerprints were very much on the rehearsals," James added before singling out Hartwell. "It was the first time that she really got permission to go way out there with this ... the more goofy she was, the more funny it was 'cause he [Lumis] was just standing there staring at ya."

On May 2, Hartwell relinquished the "NXT" Women's Championship ahead of her move to "Raw," a championship she won at Stand & Deliver with a little help from Lumis. And looking back, they were always a duo James appreciated working with.

"I love that whole storyline," James added. "I also love the two individuals that were in it."

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