CM Punk & Ace Steel Rumored To Be Involved In Creative Side Of AEW Collision

Earlier this week Tony Khan confirmed that CM Punk will be returning to the company on the debut episode of "AEW Collision," but could he be getting involved from a creative standpoint as well?

During the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer made it clear that he believes both Punk and Ace Steel will be heavily involved in the creative of AEW's new Saturday show. At the very least they will be for anything that Punk is involved with, and it is expected that the main storyline of the show is going to revolve around him, whatever that might be. Punk himself is going to have great input into that aspect.

Other wrestlers have had creative input in the past with AEW, proving that Tony Khan is happy to collaborate with his talent. It has recently been confirmed that Bryan Danielson is now involved from a creative standpoint with the company, and in the past Punk has admitted to being interested in that side of the business. When it comes to Steel, AEW has not publicly commented on whether or not he has been re-hired. However, it has been reported as such because he has been a key component in Punk being willing to return, although, it is believed he will be working from home.

Several names have been thrown around as potential first rivals for Punk upon his return, with the main two being Chris Jericho and Samoa Joe. Jericho and Punk reportedly had a meeting with Khan which went smoothly enough to the point where they might be able to work together. However, Jericho's name has not been attached to the new show whereas Joe has been confirmed as part of "AEW Collision" and could reportedly be Punk's first opponent, reigniting their classic Ring Of Honor feud.