Billy Gunn Believes Former DX Star Would Be A Huge Get For AEW

While three of Billy Gunn's former DX stablemates — Paul "Triple H" Levesque, Brian "Road Dogg" James, & Shawn Michaels — have current corporate obligations to WWE, Sean "X-Pac" Waltman does not. Last year, Waltman returned to the ring in remarkable shape as he laced up his boots for a pair of appearances at GCW. Following those ventures, Waltman stated that he'd like to step back into the ring again sometime. With that in mind, Gunn was asked for his thoughts on the possibility of Waltman coming to All Elite Wrestling and teaming with him.


"I think we've tried to get Sean in here a couple times," Gunn told "Sportskeeda Wrestling." Things just didn't work out, but I think if the time is right, I think he would be a great asset because he still has huge popularity and everybody knows him and he's such a good guy, that he would not only help the younger talent as well as be a good representative for our company. He'd be amazing if we could get him here."

Considering his current allegiance to former AEW World Tag Team Champions Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, better known as "The Acclaimed," the former WWE intercontinental Champion believes AEW President Tony Khan would prefer to keep that ongoing relationship intact as opposed to severing it for the sake of a mini-DX reunion. Though they may not team together, Gunn thinks AEW would still highly benefit from having Waltman appear in their company in some manner.