Video: When Sammy Guevara Learned Tay Melo Is Pregnant With Their First Child

Sammy Guevara may be best known as an AEW wrestler, but he's also just as much a vlogger, documenting everything he, his friends, and his wife, fellow AEW star Tay Melo, do on his popular YouTube vlog. That includes the recent revelation that Guevara and Melo were expecting their first child, with Guevara capturing the reactions of he and Melo's family and friends to the news.


Today on YouTube, Guevara revealed that Melo had documented his reaction to finding out he would be a father. Using footage filmed by Melo and their home security, Guevara was shown receiving a package from Melo, which contained two little baby booties and a positive pregnancy test. An overjoyed Guevara could be seen afterward embracing Melo, and repeatedly questioning whether the news was real in disbelief. Still not entirely convinced, however, Guevara and Melo would then film themselves driving out to Walmart to secure another pregnancy test, in order to be completely sure. The second test would indeed confirm that Melo was pregnant, and the couple would celebrate in their car, while also coming to the realization that they would be parents.


In addition to videos like this one, Guevara and Melo have also revealed that they will be having a baby girl, which they intend to name Luna Melo Guevara. Impending fatherhood will be on the back burner for Guevara tonight on "AEW Dynamite," however, as the AEW star will make his first appearance for the promotion since Double or Nothing, where he, "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, and Darby Allin all came up short in challenging MJF for the AEW World Championship.