Ricochet Challenges Logan Paul To Meet Him In The Ring On Next Week's WWE Raw

Following their in-ring (and out-of-ring) clash in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match, Ricochet has officially laid out a challenge to Logan Paul to meet him face-to-face in the ring next Monday on "WWE Raw" so that he may lay out a larger challenge. Presumably, Ricochet will look to challenge Paul for the upcoming SummerSlam premium live event.


The animosity between the YouTube star and Ricochet began when the two first met in the ring earlier this year in the Royal Rumble match where they shared something of a viral moment. The spot in question drew much attention online and from some unexpected places.

The two would once again make magic this past weekend at Money in the Bank, this time with a spot that saw Ricochet hitting Pual with a Spanish Fly through two tables set up at ringside. Though both men were unsuccessful in winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, their spat carried on backstage in clips that aired during Monday night's "Raw."