Nick Aldis Will Reportedly Be Backstage At WWE Raw

Nick Aldis is reportedly in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will be backstage for tonight's episode of "WWE Raw." The news comes courtesy of PWInsider, who also noted that the former Impact Wrestling and NWA star will be present for several upcoming shows.


The report states that Aldis has been brought in for a potential behind-the-scenes role as a producer. This isn't the first time that this rumor has come to light, as WWE has reportedly wanted to hire Aldis as a producer-agent since July. It remains to be seen if Aldis will also feature in an in-ring capacity, but the latest update suggests that WWE is only considering a backstage role for him at the moment.

That said, Aldis does have some fans in WWE, some of whom believe that he'd be a good asset as an in-ring performer. Booker T believes that he can add value to the WWE roster, and Wade Barrett has wanted Aldis to join the company for quite some time. WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long has pitched some match ideas for Aldis as well, but he fears that the promotion will waste him by not putting him on television. Long thinks that WWE can make some money by using Aldis as an on-screen performer, as there are plenty of Superstars he can feud with.


Aldis most recently worked for Impact Wrestling, but he left the company in July. He was part of the main event at this year's Slammiversary pay-per-view, which saw him unsuccessfully challenge for Alex Shelley's Impact World Championship.