EC3 On Where He Went Wrong In WWE, Stars Getting Punished

Though he's now with the NWA, EC3 previously spent several years working for WWE, appearing on "WWE NXT" before being called up to the main roster in 2019. However, just a year later, EC3 would be released by WWE. Appearing on "Under the Ring", EC3 discussed how he viewed his WWE release in the aftermath.

"It was horrible — it sucked from a business and a personal standpoint," EC3 said about getting fired from WWE. "But I've never been bitter or resentful or angry, because everything that happens to you has to happen to you, for reasons that either pan out or they don't." The 40-year-old then detailed the mistakes he made that he believes cost him his WWE job.

"Did I do everything I possibly could to make sure they knew who the 'F' I was? Probably not," EC3 continued. "If I have a regret, my regret is I didn't go all in, to either get fired or get what I thought I deserved. I kind of just let it lay, because it's very easy to kind of just — 'Well, I'm getting paid a bunch of money. If I speak up, I could take that risk and make more, and get what I really feel like I should have, or I could get fired and have nothing.' So it's kind of a tough situation."

In EC3's own words, he elected to stay quiet about his thoughts on WWE's creative plans. He now feels that it came back to bite him.

Punished for Success

EC3 also spoke about his multiple stints in WWE developmental, including the days when "NXT" was essentially a hybrid of professional wrestling, a game show, and a reality show. The former WWE 24/7 Champion discussed what it felt like knowing people weren't paying attention to the developmental show.

"When you know nobody cares, at first it hurts, but then you realize you have the ultimate platform and playground to ... experiment and do things," EC3 stated. "I think why I'm kind of able to trust intuition and not worry as much about what people think is because we were thrown out there in front of dead crowds ... doing God knows what, and we just tried to run with it and do the best we could."

Over time, EC3 said that they were able to win over crowds, and "the numbers went up." However, instead of being rewarded for their success, EC3 believes WWE higher-ups weren't happy.

"By going against the grain, and being noticed, and kind of getting over in a sense, it was almost [like] we got punished for it," EC3 continued. "Which is a baffling business decision, but it's not my company, so what can I say?"

Following his WWE run, EC3 has gone on to sign with Billy Corgan's NWA. Last month, EC3 vacated the NWA National Heavyweight Championship in preparation to challenge Tyrus for the company's world championship at the NWA 75th anniversary event, taking place on August 26 and 27.