Konnan Names The Only Two Stories In AEW He Thinks Are Good

Konnan is not one to hold back his opinions of pro wrestling, especially with AEW. The veteran star revealed the only two stories he likes that are currently happening in the Tony Khan-owned promotion on his "K100" podcast.


The first storyline that the former WCW star enjoys is the bromance of the summer between AEW World Champion MJF and Adam Cole. 

"What's the majority of their [Cole and MJF] fans — nerds, geeks, not disparaging, not demeaning, it is what it is, right?" said Konnan. "That gets over with that fanbase, the trampoline-jumping, and the best friend s***t and all that, they are eating that up."

The tag team partnership started due to the Blind Tag Team Eliminator Tournament, which they ended up winning on the July 19 episode of " AEW Dynamite," and later went on to face the AEW Tag Team Champions FTR on "AEW Collision."

In the end, Cole and MJF didn't capture the titles, but still kept their "friendship." Konnan stated that the second storyline that he likes in AEW is about Chris Jericho, the end of the Jericho Appreciation Society, and Jericho's relationship with Don Callis, which turned sour during this week's episode of "AEW Dynamite."


Only Two Good Stories

Konnan spoke about how MJF and Adam Cole's fans love the story they've put across over the last few weeks on AEW television.

"MJF has decided, because I'm sure MJF writes his own s**t, I can not see Tony [Khan] writing this, well I kind of can, but I'm sure that MJF writes his own s**t and Cole is there participating because they know it'll get over with their fans. What happened when they got in the ring? They had the fans eating out of the palm of their hands because there are only real two good storylines right now — Jericho and them," said the AAA booker.


Konnan later shared that he didn't understand why MJF agreed to wrestle twice in one night at the All In event in London. During the pre-show of All In, MJF and Cole will face the current ROH Tag Team Champions Aussie Open, while in the main event, MJF will defend his AEW World Championship against his tag team partner.

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