WWE Hall Of Famer Edge Reveals Most Memorable Match Of His Career

Over the course of his 31-year career, Edge has had countless singles and tag team matches with some of the biggest names in WWE. During a recent appearance on "WWE's The Bump", "The Rated-R Superstar" revealed which one of them was the most memorable for him during a round of rapid-fire questions with co-host Kayla Braxton.

"Undertaker, WrestleMania 24," Edge said. "It's [my] first main event of WrestleMania and to see him in the ring as I'm walking down, losing feeling in my arms because I'm just so [amped]."

When asked which current WWE talent he wanted to face for the first time, Edge said he would enjoy sharing the squared circle with Matt Riddle and one-half of the reigning Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn. He even had a couple of legends he wished he could've faced in a one-on-one match.

"Bret Hart," Edge said. "You know, I think we faced each other in like an eight-man tag or something like that, but prime "Rated-R", prime "Hitman", you know, Iron Man. That would've been fun, or prime "Rattlesnake", prime "Rated-R", that would've been pretty fun."

Edge and Hart were opponents in a match on only one occasion. It was during an episode of "Raw" in 2010 when Edge and Chris Jericho went up against Hart and John Cena in a lumberjack match. It ended in a "no contest."

The future of Edge's career currently hangs in the balance, with reports surfacing that he could either be hanging up his boots or jumping ship to AEW once his current contract with WWE runs out, reportedly at the end of September.

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