Vanessa Hudgens Mourns 'Iconic' Bray Wyatt, Who 'Brought So Much Joy To My Dark Side'

Hollywood actress and noted professional wrestling fan Vanessa Hudgens expressed heartbreak over the death of Windham Rotunda, known better to WWE fans as Bray Wyatt, writing a tribute to the late star on her Instagram stories following his death on August 24 at age 36.


In the story, which has since expired, but can be seen in screengrabbed posts online, Hudgens wrote that even though she did not know Rotunda personally, she was "such a fan" and sent her condolences to Rotunda's family and friends.

"I'm truly heartbroken to hear this news," she wrote. "Bray Wyatt was a force, an iconic wrestler that brought so much joy to my dark side. I would get so giddy every time he was on. I've been waiting to see him back on SmackDown and I'm so sad that just won't happen again. Heart. Broken."

On Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown," plans were reportedly scrapped to instead air a show with tribute elements to both Rotunda and hardcore wrestling legend Terry Funk, who died Wednesday. "SmackDown" went off the air with Wyatt's iconic lantern dimming in the middle of the ring, and a graphic of Rotunda's character shown on the titantron. Tributes to the star from stars of the past and present continue to dominate social media.