Richard Holliday Left MLW On Better Than 'Amicable' Terms

Generally speaking, when wrestlers and the previous companies they worked for wind up parting ways, it is not always under the best circumstances. However, that was not the case between Richard Holliday and MLW. In an interview with "Haus of Wrestling," the former MLW star had nothing but wonderful things to say about the promotion he exited earlier this year.

Holliday spoke more about his departure from MLW, claiming that describing the split as "amicable" would be an understatement. He attributed the positive ending between the two sides to how he was treated by MLW while he underwent treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma – which has since entered remission – and his connection with the promotion.

"They were very good to me," Holliday said. "Obviously, we did have talks contractually, because there was time that I was still supposed to be with the company, and very easily time could've been probably tacked on. I did miss a very large chunk. There's a lot of verbiage in there," he added, "that's lawyer talk and stuff. But we really connected on a human level, and we talked person to person." 

"Like, we kind of put the paper to the side, and we just like ... what makes sense from a human perspective? How does that correlate with the creative perspective and the contractual perspective? The human element came first," Holliday continued, "and that was very important to me — and shoutout to them. It just all ended up working out in a way where the best thing for the both of us was to end things early and part ways."

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