Josh Barnett Volunteers For Special Role In AEW Locker Room

The AEW locker room has seen its share of strife and conflict over the past year. It all came to a head backstage at All In, leading to the eventual dismissal of CM Punk from AEW. But has the exit of Punk solved the problems behind the scenes in AEW, where several other altercations have been known to occur? The suggestion has been made for Tony Khan to employ someone who can handle these situations more directly, and squash any beefs that might exist between talent before they get out of hand. Enter Josh Barnett. 


The youngest-ever UFC Heavyweight Champion and an MMA veteran, Barnett certainly has the credentials of a real-life tough guy. Plus, he has a distinct connection to the world of professional wrestling. His annual Bloodsport event — in coordination with GCW — blurs the line between both worlds, and he's tapped into the wrestling landscape with his long-standing association with NJPW. That makes his recent offer to Khan one the AEW owner might want to consider. Via X (formerly known as Twitter), Barnett volunteered to be an enforcer of sorts for Khan's locker room, keeping talent in line and on their best behavior. 


How serious Barnett's offer is is really only known to Barnett, but he does call attention to a gaping hole in AEW's operation that has persisted for some time. And with evidence showing that Khan hasn't been willing to address these types of situations head-on in his company, he might be wise to hire and empower someone like Barnett who will.