Bully Ray Foresees A 'Sixth Sense-Esque Finale' To WWE's Bloodline Saga

For over three years, the story of The Bloodline has grown to be considered, by many, to be among the most captivating sagas in WWE history. But things have slowed down in recent weeks. Jey Uso left "WWE SmackDown" for "WWE Raw." Roman Reigns has appeared only a few times since SummerSlam, and Jimmy Uso re-attempted to re-join the family not long after leaving the group, claiming he wanted no part of it anymore. 


On the latest episode of "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray discussed the current comings and goings of the Bloodline story, believing that WWE has currently reached the point where they are trying to get things to one specific destination.

"I think they're milking it to get to 'Mania now," he shared.

Despite that, Bully Ray hasn't lost confidence in The Bloodline angle yet. In fact, he's still on-board with WWE's ability to put a proper bow on the storyline and feels they will do so by taking inspiration from an M. Night Shyamalan film.

"I'm sure once this is all said and done ... we were talking about the movie 'The Sixth Sense' earlier," Bully said. "I'm sure once this is all said and done, and they've been doing this along the way with The Bloodline, they're going to have a 'Sixth Sense'-esque finale where they bring you completely up to speed and show you how we got here."


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