Chris Adonis: Fans Didn't Reject Former NWA Champ Tyrus For Politics, Suggests Why

Tyrus' wrestling career, in the NWA or otherwise, may be at an end following his loss of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to EC3 on August 27, but discussion rages on regarding his polarizing time as NWA's top star. And while some were angered by Tyrus' push in part due to his political leanings, or accusations against him involving sexual harassment, his former co-worker, Chris Adonis, has a different take on why Tyrus wasn't a popular NWA star. Adonis took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal his theory before quickly deleting it. Unfortunately for Adonis, once something has been posted, it's never truly gone, and his remarks have continued to make their way across the social media platform.


"Hey NWA," Adonis tweeted. "Is it ok to say now that our fans didn't reject Tyrus due to politics or Fox News? IT WAS CAUSE HE CAN'T MOVE!" While Adonis may have deleted the tweet, evidence remains on his timeline, including a retweet of a fan agreeing with him, and Adonis responding to his own tweet by tagging Pat Kenney, NWA's Director of Talent Relations. Adonis has not commented on his tweet nor addressed deleting it, while neither Kenney, Tyrus, nor NWA owner Billy Corgan have issued a response at this time.

Adonis and Tyrus had worked together several times during the latter's most recent run, including teaming together in the 2023 Crockett Cup. Adonis would also challenge Tyrus for the NWA World Title at NWA 312 on April 7, coming up short. The duo also worked together in WWE, when Adonis wrestled as Chris Masters and Tyrus wrestled as Brodus Clay.