AEW Went To Dramatic Lengths To Keep Adam Copeland Hidden At WrestleDream

While there had been rumblings about Adam Copeland perhaps going to AEW for weeks, very few knew it would happen for sure. And leading up to Copeland's arrival on the AEW scene at Sunday's WrestleDream, steps were taken to try to keep his debut as much of a surprise as possible — for fans and those in his new locker room.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Copeland confirmed that AEW went to great lengths in order to keep him hidden, including disguising him and taking him to a private dressing room backstage in a wheelchair.

"They wheeled me in," said Copeland. "I could see people's feet, but nothing else. It was all so funny to me. I couldn't control myself. I started cackling. People must have known that was me, right? 'Oh look, there goes someone in a wheelchair, chuckling like he has emphysema, with a cover over their head.' That's pro wrestling for you."

With the cat now well out of the bag, there will be no disguises when Copeland shows up for "AEW Dynamite" tonight to address the AEW fan base for the first time. Then, it's off to the races for Copeland as he's already expected at this Saturday's "AEW Collision" and then has his first match on the books for next Tuesday — versus Luchasaurus.