Kevin Nash Details How Adam Copeland Can Help Eliminate AEW's 'Bad Habits'

AEW is one week into Adam Copeland's tenure with the promotion, and it's already been eventful between his debut at WrestleDream, the rebuke he received from old friend Christian Cage days later on "AEW Dynamite," and the beat down he received from Christian's allies Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne on "AEW Collision." Through it all, Copeland has still not wrestled his first official match in AEW, which will change tomorrow on "Dynamite: Title Tuesday," when he battles Luchasaurus one on one.

On the latest episode of "Kliq This," WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, referring to Copeland by his WWE persona, Edge, spoke of his AEW debut. Nash is overall optimistic about Copeland in AEW, with one caveat.

"I pray that Edge doesn't get hurt," Nash said. "But he's a great addition. of the things is their [AEW's] style is so different than the WWE style. It's kind of more of an indierific kind of...but...I think by bringing in somebody like Edge...he has always worked, like, a main event style. 

"He's been atop of WWE for a long time. I think you put him with some of those younger guys, and [he] stops some of the bad habits that the other guys have. And he has a little bit more psychology and a little bit more storytelling."

One thing Nash isn't as bullish on is how crowded the AEW roster is, something he thinks is a hindrance towards talents getting over.

"It's not like they don't have talent in AEW," Nash said. "They just got so many f*****g people that get so little time, that when they do come out, you don't know who the f**k they are."

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