Rey Mysterio Says WrestleMania Rematch With Dominik Could Happen Under One Stipulation

Rey Mysterio is amazed by how rapidly his son, Dominik Mysterio, has mastered eliciting crowd reactions and has proposed another WrestleMania match with him, this time with a unique stipulation.

The WWE Hall of Famer was a recent guest on Ariel Helwani's "The MMA Hour" show, where he touched upon several things related to his son, including a WrestleMania rematch. Mysterio feels that the next time he faces his son at "The Show of Shows," they could face off in a hair vs. mask match.

"Yes, I think," said Mysterio when he was asked if he would like to face his son in a Hair vs. Mask match. "There's still more to give from both of us, why not? I don't think we've ever seen that [hair vs. mask] here. Imagine him bald. I'm sure he's on the radar to possibly have, whether it's a retirement match or whether it's a hair vs. mask match. Yeah, that's very interesting. I would love to do that."

Later in the podcast, Helwani asked Mysterio about his ideal scenario for next year's WrestleMania, to which the WWE legend responded that a rematch with his son would be intriguing. 

"I thought about doing Dominik and Rey II, but something would need to be on the line, whether I'm still United States Champion or he's still North American Champion. Something would have to be on the line to make it look or feel like, 'You have to watch this.'"

When prompted by Helwani about a possible Hair vs. Mask match, Mysterio conceded that that could be a possibility too.

Not even at his peak yet, says Rey about Dominik

Rey Mysterio disclosed during the podcast that when his son Dominik first began training as a wrestler, they discussed the possibility of facing each other in WWE. The Hall of Famer, though, didn't anticipate it would happen so soon.

"We talked about it, my son and I, when he started training. When I saw that there was something there that he had, and I said, 'Imagine the day that we get to face each other,” said the United States Champion. "All of a sudden he turns into a bad guy, he's a heel, and he's getting all this great reaction from the fans that the moment of WrestleMania this year, it happened so, so fast that I didn't see it coming that quick."

Mysterio also broke character to praise his son, gushing in pride at how quickly Dominik has mastered being a heel. He also predicts that the "NXT" North American Champion is not at his peak yet.

"This is me speaking as Oscar and not Rey, it's unbelievable. To see how fast he's been learning and growing, and how he connects with the audience, is like, 'Wow.' I had that at one point, and maybe I still do, but the good side, like I love the chants, the cheers, and the ovation. And he's the complete opposite," Mysterio said. "He's not even at his peak yet. It is shocking, and my pride is over the roof, and I tell him."