LA Knight Gets Candid About Roman Reigns' WWE Title Run Ahead Of Crown Jewel Showdown

For over three years, Roman Reigns has ruled WWE, first as Universal Champion and now, for the last year of the half, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, crushing the hopes and dreams of many would-be contenders along the way, including Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes, and Jey Uso. Now, on November 4 at Crown Jewel, LA Knight will become the latest fan favorite to take a shot at dethroning Reigns, looking to win his first world title since his name was Eli Drake.

Knight joined "The Bump" on Wednesday to discuss what will undoubtedly be the biggest opportunity of his career to date, and he didn't mince words when describing Reigns' record-setting title reign, believing it was about time that someone finally put a stop to Reigns and the Bloodline's power over WWE. He also wants to make the Undisputed WWE Universal title something that is defended with more regularity.

"My assessment is, everybody's sick of that," Knight said. "Here's a guy, he's got about one title defense every three, four months? Four defenses a year, and we're celebrating the fact that he's been champion for 1,200 days? You've got to be kidding me.

"1,200 days, as impressive as that is, can come to a real quick halt when you find yourself on the business end of a BFT, and that's what I think we're gonna find at Crown Jewel. But look, you talk about the tyranny of this. This revolution is gonna walk in and release everybody from that tyranny with a new WWE Champion."

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