Sami Callihan On How Former WWE Star Ronda Rousey Ended Up On Wrestling Revolver

It wasn't even a month ago that Ronda Rousey hinted towards retiring from pro wrestling, something that seemed pretty apparent following a loss to Shayna Bazler at WWE SummerSlam, which all but ended her WWE career. But things have changed over the last few weeks, with Rousey working a Lucha VaVoom show on October 26, and accepting a booking on November 16 for Sami Callihan's Wrestling Revolver promotion, which is running their event, UNREAL, in Los Angeles, California.

Appearing on "Busted Open Radio" on Wednesday, Callihan was asked about Rousey's appearance, which will see her team with AEW star, and long-time friend, Marina Shafir. According to Callihan, Rousey's appearance on the show almost happened by happenstance and was motivated by Rousey looking to do something for a good cause.

"I fell into that one," Callihan said. "I'm not going to take credit for that, that it's some mastermind plan that I went 'You know what, this is going to be the thing. We're going to run LA on only two and a half weeks' notice.' No, it's something I fell into, because of my relationships with other people, and people putting myself over [to] Ronda. 'This is a guy you want to work with. This is a guy we want to do this with.'"

"Ronda wanted to do this for charity. She wants to do something for the Hawaiian relief fun. Her husband is from Hawaii, and this is a charity she holds very near and dear to her heart. As soon as it was brought up to me, I was like, 'Absolutely. That is something I want to be involved with because that money will actually go to help people.'"

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