Video: Watch Logan Paul Attempt To Pawn The WWE United States Championship

Since defeating Rey Mysterio to win the WWE United States Championship at WWE Crown Jewel 2023, Logan Paul has gotten around quite a bit with the championship, even entertaining AEW's Thunder Rosa by posing naked with the title in a shower. Now, it appears Paul's next step for the championship may be to get rid of it, and not in the conventional way of losing or vacating the title.

On X Monday morning, Paul posted a video of him at a pawn shop, attempting to sell off the United States Championship. Despite admitting he didn't know a ton of history regarding the title, Paul went as far as to suggest the title was worth $100,000. He even suggested that someone like Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, or LA Knight could purchase it, with Paul noting that Knight, in particular, wouldn't be getting the belt from Paul any other way. Paul closed the video by taking a picture with the pawn shop owner, who sent the photo to his niece, who inquired about Paul's relationship status to disappointing results.

While Paul's comments toward Knight would seem to indicate an upcoming title match between the two, fans may be waiting a while before it happens. Dave Meltzer recently revealed that Paul's schedule with WWE will be determined by the YouTuber himself and that the promotion will use him whenever he gives them dates he's available for. As of this writing, Paul is currently not scheduled for any upcoming WWE events and isn't expected to appear at Survivor Series in Chicago, Illinois, on November 25.