Drew McIntyre May Be Teasing An Angle With Recently Returned WWE Star

CM Punk is back in WWE, and it seems the company is using the veteran's reputation to its advantage. Seth Rollins has made it clear he's unhappy with Punk's arrival and Drew McIntyre certainly doesn't seem too pleased, either. McIntyre took to X this morning to share a very pointed reference to Punk.

If it wasn't already obvious enough, McIntyre is reciting the opening line from Punk's theme music, "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour. It's looking more and more likely that Punk will wind up in McIntyre's crosshairs sooner or later. However, it doesn't necessarily look like he'll be the first in line. The interactions between Punk and Rollins have been more overt, and it's believed that the two will be entering a full-blown feud in the near future.

For months, reports have circulated stating that Drew McIntyre's WWE contract expires next year and the two sides haven't yet come to an agreement on a new deal. More recently, McIntyre has undergone a shift in attitude on TV, expressing his anger with Jey Uso being forgiven for his Bloodline transgressions and siding with The Judgment Day in the WarGames match that took place this past weekend. Following that match, and coinciding with Punk's arrival, it was reported that McIntyre stormed backstage and left the building.

Before either Rollins or McIntyre deal with Punk, they'll have to worry about their matches on next week's "WWE Raw." Rollins will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Uso, which greatly angered McIntyre this past Monday. He will face Sami Zayn on next week's show as he looks to climb the ladder of the men's singles division once again.